is it good to buy hootoo usb c hub in 2021? Pros & Cons

By szlangpai01 / Jun 11, 2021

hootoo usb c hub
A port for the mouse, keyboard, controller, phone charger, hard drive, USB key, SD adapter, external disk drive… There is always a hootoo usb c hub to plug into your computer. However, the number of ports is limited.

That is why it is interesting to opt for a USB hub. On the PC, it takes the place of a single peripheral, but you can connect several peripherals to it. And you generally choose your USB hub according to the number of ports or its general shape.

You know that there is other criterion that is easy to take into account. The Very Goods explain to you what characterizes a USB hub and offer you a selection of quality models to guide you in your choice.

Hootoo usb c hub Type and Compatibility

As mentioned before, there are several types of hootoo usb c hub and you should always pay attention to this to ensure compatibility with the devices you need.

Never buy a USB Hub without making sure it’s compatible with the devices you use.

Hub with or without switch?

USB Hubs are devices where various items like mouse, keyboard, pen drive and other types of items are easy to connect.

But if you need to connect equipment with high energy consumption, prefer a USB Hub with a switch. This increases the security level and also the performance of the connection.

Models with a switch generally have an LED indicator light, which shows when the equipment is working.

Discover the best hootoo usb c hub

As you can see, the USB Hub is a very practical item, which allows you to connect several USB devices at the same time.

Today there are many options and there are many variations between them. Always choose carefully, taking into account the features mentioned above.

Anker AK

With this device you can only use a single USB port to connect 4 different devices that are compatible with USB 3.0.

All this through a compact hootoo usb c hub, produced from quality materials and which has extremely high resistance .

With it it is possible to manage files quickly and in a very practical way. Best of all, you can take it wherever you want, whether in your pocket or backpack.

Furthermore, with SuperSpeed ​​it is possible to transfer and synchronize data quickly, with speeds exceeding 5 Gbps. That means transferring an entire HD movie in just a few seconds.

TP-Link UH vs hootoo usb c hub

The UH400 is TP-Link’s USB hub perfect for connecting to notebooks. It has a short cable, but with good spacing between the ports, so you can connect up to 4 devices without difficulties.

Being compact and lightweight, this small device fits anywhere. So you can take it with you wherever you go.

For those who travel a lot for work, study or leisure and need convenience to connect USB devices, this is the ideal Hub. And its price is also great when compared to similar ones.

TP-Link UH700

The TP-Link UH700 Hub is the best Hub for those who need to connect multiple devices simultaneously.


It has 7 ports and power supply, so it supports high power demands well. So you can connect whatever you want without any problems.

The long cable is great for connecting your notebook to other devices far away from it. This is a complete hub and, with fair value, it pays off a lot.

What kind of USB?

When choosing your hootoo usb c hub, you will have to decide which type of USB you are going to opt for. To do this, you have to look at two things: the type of USB to which you are going to connect your hub and the one offered by the latter. Indeed, today there are three main categories of USB used on a daily basis. We have USB 2.0, 3.0 and USB-C.

  • 0 is the most common today, although it tends to be replaced more and more by 3.0. Its theoretical transfer speed is 480 Mbit / s.
  • The newer USB 3.0 features bluish plugs and ports on the inside. The 3.0 ports can accommodate 2.0 sockets and vice versa, but their speed will be limited to 480 Mbits / s. On the other hand, if you use 3.0 on both sides, you can reach a theoretical speed of 5 Gbit / s.
  • Finally, there is USB-C, also called USB 3.1, which is characterized by a smaller port, which displays an even faster speed: 10 Gbits / s.

Buy hootoo usb c hub with Compactible Ports

Depending on the type of hootoo usb c hub you are using, it is therefore important to choose a hub that offers compatible ports to use your hardware to the best of its ability. But it also means to pay attention to the diet.

If you are looking for a small USB hub, we recommend this 4 port model from Anker. Very simple, it plugs into USB and connects to the PC which will also serve as a power supply. Very small, it measures only 10.7 x 3 x 1 cm for 35 grams so you can carry it everywhere.

All four ports are USB 3.0, which guarantees a transfer speed of 5 Gb / s if you plug it into a compatible port. It works on both Windows and MacOs, just plug it in for it to work, and it’s backward compatible with 2.0 outlets and ports.
hootoo usb c hub 2021

hHootoo usb c hub vs Aukey : Which is better?

The hootoo usb c hub is a little different from the others in its form. Where the other models are bars on which the USB ports are located? Here it looks like a deck that you put on your desk and that does not risk tipping under the weight of the connected peripherals.


The plug, removable, to connect it to the PC is on the side of the hub and the four UBS 3.0 ports are, on the front, slightly inclined. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, it is certainly a little larger than traditional hubs, but it is more stable and offers a slightly more professional appearance.

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