How to connect iPad pro usb c hub easily? USB Hub Guide

By szlangpai01 / Jun 11, 2021

iPad pro usb c hub
If you are looking for an efficient iPad pro usb c hub, with an external source and that has a different design, put this item on your list. It features aluminum alloy surface design. Moreover, it makes it modern and tough.

So you can connect up to four USB 3.1 SuperSpeed compatible devices. And it is easy to use on any computer, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux.

Furthermore, with the “plug & play” connection, it is easy to use, just plug in for a very high transfer efficiency, with speeds up to 10 Gbps.

Vinik HUV-20: iPad pro usb c hub

This Vinik Hub is ideal for those who need to expand the number of USB ports on their computer and want to save money.

It has 4 USB 2.0 ports but is compatible with USB 1.1. So you increase your possibilities.

In addition, for efficient and safe use, the device has overload protection.

Sabrent HB

  • Version:0
  • Number of ports:4
  • Transfer speed:up to 5 Gbps

This Sabrent Hub iPad pro usb c hub combines features such as high performance, speed, versatility and beautiful design and, therefore, it is one of the best Hubs on the market.

With it you can add up to 4 devices simultaneously, simply and quickly. And the 3.0 connection provides high speed for transferring your files.

In addition, it is beautiful, light and thin, so it we can easily carry it anywhere without any problems.

Despite being a USB 3.0 connection, it is also compatible with versions 2.0 and 1.1. And it has a separate power switch, so you can have control of each of the ports independently.

How does iPad pro usb c hub bring value to gadgets?

In recent years, electronic devices have become smaller and more compact, but with this it loses some important items, such as USB ports.

This disrupts the life of those who need to connect mouse, keyboard, pen drive and other devices with this type of input. Luckily, USB Hubs solve this issue simply.

But when buying, you must pay attention to some details so you don’t make a mistake and buy iPad pro usb c hub that doesn’t suit you.

So, now that you know how to choose, see which product fits your profile best among the best USB Hubs on our list.

Control and Day-to-Day Practicality

AC264 is a USB hub from Multilaser that has a switch on each port, so you can control when a connection is turned on or off. The model is easy to handle, as the ports are on the side and the switches are above the hub body. It is very practical to use on a daily basis!

The iPad pro usb c hub is perfect to be used on notebooks or desktops, as the cable has a medium length. For those who are more methodical and looking for the USB hub to better organize their work routine, it is certainly the perfect option!

Hub 5 in 1 iPad pro usb c hub

Anker’s hub has three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port. We can connect it to computer via USB-C.

In addition, Anker says the cable guarantees high speed in data transfer: rates of 5 GB/s via USB ports and up to 1 Gbps (internet) via Ethernet port. The gadget has a small design and is sold with a protective case, which also makes it easy to transport.

The Best Usb-C Adapters for MacBook Air and Macbook Pro

It has been since 2016 that Apple has made it clear. In a not too veiled way that the classic USB socket that we have all come to know would soon reach the end of its cycle.


This used to be called iPad pro usb c hub A, while now we are talking about USB Type C or USB-C.

Just to shed some light on the subject, Macbooks and Macbook Pros often come with Thunderbolt 3 ports that guarantee great transfer speeds and also accept USB-C converters.

Should you buy simple iPad pro usb c hub?

This solution is certainly more complete but also more expensive than the simpler iPad pro usb c hub.

The latter offer slower data transfer speeds, is inexpensive and can be very useful for Apple laptops.

The advantage of USB-C is its versatility: by using only one computer port it is possible for the user to manage different connections.

iPad pro usb c hub 2021

In our opinion, among the products analyzed, prevalence certainly goes to the USB-C adapter for Macbook and Macbook Pro by MC Master as it manages to combine a large number of ports with acceptable dimensions, favoring portability.

Kensington USB-C Mobile Dock

Assuming that there are also adapters at a lower price and with more ports, the product proposed by Kensington is very valid, versatile and reliable.

There are not many ports available and you barely touch the bare minimum. But the iPad pro usb c hub comes with quality. The overall dimensions reduce, the dimensions are quite small and this simplifies portability.

Furthermore, the presence of HDMI and VGA outputs makes it very useful also for business uses, such as presentations, meetings and conferences.

The Kensington SD1500 USB-C Mobile Dock winks at the manager, representative or business person, but also at those who do a public speaking communication job.

Convenient retractable USB cable


  • Dimensions
  • Reliability


  • Limited number of doors


Why buy a iPad pro usb c hub for Macbook or Macbook Pro?

A USB-C adapter involves the acquisition of some advantages. It is in a sector that is becoming increasingly stingy with connection and connection ports, despite the fact that these are always required in everyday life.

Compared to the classic USB 2 or USB 3, you have faster speed with USB-C.

In addition, a iPad pro usb c hub for Apple systems is also compatible with the standardized Thunderbolt 3 system on this kind of computer.

By sacrificing a port on the Apple notebook it is possible to have several more ports available that are not present in the Mac. Moreover, it guarantees greater flexibility of use and more opportunities to take advantage of the computer. Hence, improves its compatibility with many other devices.


Now you know how to connect multiple devices with iPad pro usb c hub. The USB hub is the best solution to easily transfer data between devices and also charge the devices. But, we need to be careful to choose the best USB hub.

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