How to use usb c hubs displayport in offices?

By szlangpai01 / Jun 11, 2021

usb c hubs displayport
You plug in keyboard, mouse, screen, power supply and more. Then, by the magic of this technology, you connect your usb c hubs displayport to a computer using a single cable. But what are the criteria so as not to make a mistake when purchasing it?

USB-C hubs often come with a cable of ten centimeters.  It is therefore not always easy to position it flat on a desk, not to mention the unordered appearance that this gives.

usb c hubs displayport is good for laptop carriers?

The USB-C hub is really handy for users who need to carry their laptop regularly. No need to reconnect everything once the PC is in its workstation: only a USB-C cable is necessary for the assembly to function properly.

This is a bit the magic of the usb c hubs displayport and Type-C cables. It allows you to pass, simultaneously and on a single cable, a whole bunch of data in addition to the supply current.

USB-C hubs allow minimalist connections to a computer station.  Here, the laptop PC connects to the USB-C hub housed under the cabinet.  Thus hidden, it connects to the keyboard / mouse transmitter, but also to the HDMI cable of the screen and to the USB-C cable of the charger.

How to use usb c hubs displayport in offices?

The ideal companion for occasional or regular teleworkers, the USB-C hub can also satisfy lovers of minimalist offices. With this device, it also becomes possible to hide all the cables under a desk and thus be satisfied with the single USB-C copy. Rather handy for those whose laptop desk is located in a living room, for example?

However, references to USB-C hubs abound on e-commerce sites. Alongside the usual equipment supplier brands, there is also a whole flood of brands sold directly by their manufacturer on marketplace platforms, Amazon in the lead.

All do not offer the same service and several details must come to be sure to acquire the object. It corresponds to the use that one wishes to make of it. Here are the technical characteristics to consider.

Link a secondary display for an extended usb c hubs displayport

Connected to a screen via HDMI or DisplayPort, the USB-C hub offers an extended (left) or cloned (right) display for a larger display area.

Using the laptop screen on the go just makes sense. On the other hand, apart from mobile use, it may be more practical to use a larger conventional screen. Many usb c hubs displayport offer an HDMI output for this.

What is the different resolution for usb c hubs displayport?

In HDMI, the definition is limited to 1080p on entry-level models and climbs to 4K definition on most others (within the limit of 30 or 60 Hz depending on the version). Some rare Thunderbolt hubs offer a 5K definition.

Finally, the DisplayPort is not forgotten, even if it is true that the adapters offering this connection are less numerous. Here again, the most common definition is 4K, with some references in 5K. Note, however, some models require that the computer used is compatible with the usb c hubs displayport Alternate Mode standard.

Some hubs also offer a VGA output, which may seem a bit outdated, but convenient to use on a dated projector. A scenario that often comes during video presentations in business.

Use on tablet and desktop also possible

While USB-C hubs are primarily suitable for laptops, they are easy to use on stationary machines to bring more connectivity to your fingertips. These small adapters can also easy to use on tablets like Apple’s iPad Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to turn them into desktop computers.

Connect a network cable to get rid of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is good, but wired aficionados will argue that nothing beats the stability of a “hard” network, which is often faster than a wireless connection. For these, there are obviously some USB-C hubs equipped with a Gigabit type Ethernet socket (1000 Mb / s).

We can also say that usb c hubs displayport is very useful for connecting devices of various types, such as a cooler base or a card reader, for example. So he performs different kinds of work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of USB Hubs

As you may have noticed, the main benefit of having a USB Hub at your disposal is precisely being able to multiply the available inputs and connect several devices at the same time.


But we need to say that it has other secondary benefits. Being compact, it takes up little space and is very light. So it is possible to store in small pockets without problems.

Another advantage is the USB connection itself, which is compatible with many types of external devices. This brings up many possibilities.

usb c hubs displayport have different shapes

The USB Hubs have different shapes, colors and models, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your profile as a user.

But in addition to the advantages, this item also has its disadvantages. The main one is that it doesn’t have energy of its own. Therefore, power supply overloads may occur in some cases.

Pay attention to different types of USB

The USB connection was created to make it simpler to connect different devices, whether for transferring files or charging energy.

This was an attempt at standardization. And, in fact, it has allowed advances to take place so that connectors become ever faster and more efficient.

usb c hubs displayport 2021
usb c hubs displayport Conclusion

One of the basic functions of this type of usb c hubs displayport

is to provide a more or less supplied set of USB sockets. It is to connect any type of peripheral: keyboard, mouse, USB keys, external HDD or SSD, and even printer.

However, not all models offer the same service at this level. Most are content to provide USB Type-A ports operating at 5 Gb / s. It puts a limit on the actual transfer rate to around 600MB / s as a general rule.

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