How to set best mac usb c hub lock easily?

By szlangpai01 / Oct 02, 2021

best mac usb c hub lock easily
These best mac usb c hub software help you to put a layer of password on your USB, thereby preventing others from arbitrarily accessing the data inside.

Top best free USB lock software today

These USB lock software help you to put a layer of password on your USB, thereby preventing others from arbitrarily accessing the data inside.

In this article, I will introduce to you the 5 best and most commonly used free best mac usb c hub key software today.

1. Port best mac usb c hub Locker

Port Locker is a reliable and sturdy USB port locking application.

Port Locker supports locking connection ports on many different devices such as: USB, Flash drive, DVD/CD, PCMCIA port, Ethernet port… Besides, the program helps you to encrypt one or more ports at the same time. It provides information to prevent outside intrusion.

Through that, your important data on best mac usb c hub will be protected by the program from spyware and viruses to the maximum extent.

Main function of best mac usb c hub locker:

Lock the connection port between the computer and the USB.

Can support unlocking or locking the connection port on different devices such as: USB, Flash drive, DVD/CD, PCMCIA port, Ethernet port….

Support to block Autorun.inf file from entering USB in a simple way.

Can work directly on the system without installation.

Compact size, easy to use.

Support on all versions and different USB sizes and drivers.

2. Password Protect best mac usb c hub

Password Protect USB has the ability to run directly on USB without installation. You just need to copy the program to the USB and start it: the program will run in the background on the system tray and the main interface clicks the Lock Folder button to point to the folder to be locked on the best mac usb c hub.

Thus all data on the USB is protected and any access will require a user-generated password.

USB Password Protect USB lock software supports creating protection keys for many types of data in many forms such as documents, image files, music, videos … on the drive. This data will be personal information and you can rest assured that it will not be accessed from anyone without a password.

Main function of best mac usb c hub:

Lock USB with password.

Easy access with a password on multiple devices.

Support locking many different data.

Runs directly on USB without installation.

Small capacity, very simple and easy to use interface, supports all versions of Windows.

3. USB Flash Block Unblock

Best mac usb c hub also supports unlocking functions using Flash Drive/storage/external drives on one USB Mass port. This program is also suitable for system administrators to limit or completely disable USB storage devices in an organization.

Main function:

Lock and unlock USB Flash.

Security for USB data.

Limit virus spreading to data.

Restrict access and modification of USB data.

Reset the USB drive to the original value.

Easy to use.

4. Best mac usb c hub Admin Pro

Best mac usb c hub Admin Pro provides a feature to prevent stealing or copying data on personal drives without the permission of the owner. If someone intentionally performs this action, the software will immediately alert you via email and save specific Log files.

Prevent data theft or copying.

Assign disk usage rights for different users.Prevent viruses, trojans from entering data.

Alerts via email if there is unauthorized access.

Simple interface, easy to use, support Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.

5. Nanosoft best mac usb c hub

USB Locker is a powerful information encryption tool for external devices such as USB drives, Flash Drivers, memory cards, Thumb Drivers, etc. Through it, your important data will be protected.  Mac usb c hub provides maximum protection from spyware and viruses.

Despite its compact size, USB Locker can handle a large amount of information on USB up to Gbit. Besides, the program helps you to encrypt information, block intrusion as well as limit tracking quickly and save maximum time.

Main function:

Support fast information encryption for USB, Flash Driver, memory card, Thumb Driver …Can process large amounts of information in a short time up to Gbit.Support intrusion blocking, simple tracking.Can work directly on the system without installation.Adaptable on all different conditions of the system.Compact size, easy to use.

How to set password for best mac usb c hub?

So Step 1: Right-click on the best mac usb c hub, select Turn on BitLocker.

Step 2: A dialog box as shown will appear. Click the tick mark in the line Use a password to unlock the driver. Then enter the password you want to use in the Enter your password field. Enter again in the box below to confirm, and then click next.

best mac usb c hub lock easily 2021

No 3: Here you will have 3 options to be able to retrieve your password in case you forget it.

Save to your Microsoft account (helps save passwords to Microsoft accounts).
It’ Save to a file (save the password to a file).
Print the recovery file (helps to print the recovery file)

Step 4: Click on one of the two encryption options.

So Encrypt used disk space only (partial USB encryption).

Encrypt entire drive (encrypt the entire USB).

Done, click Next.

Step 5: If your computer uses Windows 10 version 1511 or later, click new encryption mode.

If you’re using older versions, choose Compatible mode. Done, click next.



No 6: Click Start encrypting to start encrypting and setting a password for the mac usb c hub.

When the process is finished, unplug the USB and plug it back in, you will see a padlock icon. Now you need to enter the password set in step 2 to open the USB.

How to remove password for best mac usb c hub?

A Step 1: Open the Start menu, enter control panel and then click on the corresponding result that appears.

So Step 2: In the Control Panel window, click on the System and Security item.

Step 3: Click on the BitLocker Drive Encryption item.

And Step 4: Click on the encrypted USB and then click on Turn of BitLocker and you ‘re done.

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