Dell usb c Hub Wholesale: Advantages & Disadvantages 2021

By szlangpai01 / Oct 02, 2021

What is Usb hub? Pros and Cons of New Generation Gateway

Dell usb c Hub Wholesale

Dell usb c hub wholesale is very common on some modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops equipped with Usb hub ports. So what is Usb hub how is it different from normal USB ports?

What is dell usb c hub?

Usb hub is a new USB standard (USB 3.1) that can replace connections such as HDMI, VGA, USB, DisplayPort, charging port… The Type C jack is very small (8.4 x 2.6) mm) should be able to integrate on thin devices. The design of the charging cord has the same two ends allowing users to plug in any end, creating convenience during use.

USB port classification

In addition to supporting image transmission, dell usb c hub wholesale also offers a power transfer rate of up to 100W, so it can completely replace the charging port on even large portable devices such as laptops, typically Macbooks. 2016 not stop at the phone.

Advantages of Usb hub- Compact:

The Usb hub port is very small (size is 8.4 x 2.6 mm) both to ensure a convenient design and can easily connect to thin devices.

Support for image transmission:

Besides transferring power and data, the outstanding point of Usb hub is that it supports image transfer to the screen. You can easily see this feature on Macbook, this port can replace all 5 popular ports today such as: HDMI, VGA, USB-type A, DisplayPort, charging port.

Greater power transmission capacity:

Dell usb c hub wholesale supports a power transmission capacity of up to 100W, so it is easy to charge on devices such as laptops, tablets, etc. Type-C will be faster.

 Easy to connect:

Usb hub has the same two-headed design, so you don’t have to be as difficult as plugging in previous USB heads.

Disadvantages of Usb hub

– Not really popular: Because this connection standard is still new, the popularity has not really spread, but now new production devices are gradually equipped with this Usb hub connector.

 High cost

This may sound paradoxical because Type C to Type C helps manufacturers reduce production costs for unnecessary connectors, thereby reducing product costs for users.

But really for users who work in offices or use many ports, this is not very pleasant. The cost of dell usb c hub wholesale converters can be considered quite high at the moment.

Which devices support dell usb c hub wholesale?

Dell usb c hub wholesale is gradually becoming more popular, so many electronic and computer devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, PC monitors, desktop computers, power banks, headphones, etc. Storage such as USB or portable hard drive also supports Usb hub.

How to connect Usb hub?

Connect 1 Usb hub: You plug it directly into a phone, laptop, tablet with a Usb hub port and these devices can read or copy the content on the USB.

Connect 2 devices with the same Usb hub port: For example, your phone and laptop are both equipped with this port, and then just use a Usb hub cable to plug into the 2 devices and you’re done.


Connection between a device with and a device without a dell usb c hub wholesale: At this point, you need to use a transfer cable or a transfer adapter (they are easy to purchase at computer parts stores) to connect the 2 devices bag.

Learn the structure of dell usb c hub wholesale

Usb hub has 24 pins, so the current flowing through it can reach 20V – 5A and the data transfer rate reaches 10 Gbps (1.25 GB/s). From such a structure, USB-C can perform many functions: fast charging phones, connecting devices, high-speed data transmission.

What’s the difference between dell usb c hub wholesale and Micro USB?

Although the charging cables appear to be the same on the surface, their construction is completely different:

The structure of USB Type-C is an oval shape with 24 pins that are symmetrical with each other and the size is also larger than Micro USB. It is this structure that makes it extremely convenient to reverse the connection.

Unlike Micro USB, when the cable is plugged in, it must be in a fixed direction. If common regularly, it will be more prone to wobble and damage. So the durability of the dell usb c hub wholesale is higher.

Which material manufacturers use in dell usb c hub?

It is made of high quality aluminum alloy and the lightweight design is convenient to carry. Also works as kickstand with USB C HUB for mobile phones and tablets up to 10 inches, looks great on your desk.

It has a convenient viewing angle and has a slot all the way to the center of the stand to charge your TYPE C PD. Allows you to keep your gear in charge, video, audio, data transfers and more while the stand is held in place.

Why should you buy USB C HUB for Android devices?

Adding Ports to Android Smartphones with dell usb c hub wholesale, Ethernet, and USB, SD Card New Android smartphones can easily have added ports such as HDMI, Ethernet, USB and SD card out.
Dell usb c Hub Wholesale 2021

This means they can quickly connect to TVs and display phone screens, copy files from flash drives or SD Cards, and connect with an Ethernet cable. Only TYPE-C smartphones can do this like the Galaxy S8 and S9.

Charge your USB-C device

Charge your USB-C smartphone with mobile phone holder design

VGA projector with USB connection

USB C to VGA adapter allows you to connect the projector with optional HDMI or VGA. It’s worth buying a USB-C hub with HDMI and VGA output

What is included in dell usb c hub?

USB Type C Hub * 1 USB C to USB C Gen 2 Cable


This period of late 2016 have witnessed the appearance of many-to-many super laptop products that have “sobbed” the whole technology world.

From the 2016 MacBook Pro with the Magic Tool bar, the appearance of Microsoft’s Surface Book to Dell laptops running Windows equipped with powerful Kaby Lake chips.

And when you refer to the above products, you will certainly see phrases about ports such as “Thunderbolt-3 port on MacBook” ” USB Type-C port on Surface Book i7″ “Asus launches laptop equipped with USB 3.1 input first”.

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