How to Replace Keyboard Keys using a Keyboard Key Puller?

By hqt / Dec 05, 2021

Keyboard Key Puller: How Does It Help You in Replacing Your Keyboard Keys?

Keyboard key puller is the one tool that mechanical keyboard gurus emphasize when talking about removing mechanical keyboard keys.

Most mechanical keyboard users love to customize their keyboard. And some users often wear their keys down due to excessive use. Situations like these require a keyboard keycap puller to help mechanical keyboard users remove and replace their keys.

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What is A Keyboard Key Puller?

Keyboard key puller is the imperative device for properly maintaining a mechanical keyboard and replacing its keys. You can imagine its importance by the fact that most mechanical keyboards come with a complimentary keyboard key puller. Even if yours didn’t have one, don’t worry, you can get one for your keyboard at an unbelievably low price.


There are two basic types of keyboard key puller: plastic and metal. The plastic one comes with a ring for your finger, with prongs meant to hold the key. You wear this key puller like a ring. Then you adjust its prongs so that they hold the key firmly from the bottom. Then when you give the prongs a little pull, the key pops right out.

The metal keyboard key puller comes with two long and thin metallic tong-like rods. These tongs are attached to a plastic handle. These key pullers are pretty flexible, and you can remove up-to three keys at a time. All you have to do is open the ‘tongs’ of the key puller and place it around the keys you wish to remove. Once you are certain that the key puller’s top is firmly in place beneath the keys, tug them out, and the keys will come off in mere seconds.

Both plastic and metal keyboard key pullers have their ups and downs. Plastic key pullers are often recommended to people who are new at removing keys. While metallic key pullers are better-performing, you might need a little experience to work with them.

Why do People Replace Their Keyboard Keys?

People often replace their keys for two reasons:

Increased Durability

If mechanical keyboards are known for their durability, why do people have to replace their keys? Well, the switches of the mechanical keyboard give it this durability. At the same time, its keys are prone to wear on excessive use. However, this does not defer the keyboard’s quality as the keys are very easy to remove and replace.

There is a huge variety of sets of keys that are available for mechanical keyboards. When the old keyboards keys wear out, the keyboard users take them out using a keyboard key puller. Then they replace these keys with the new set of keys and renew their old keyboard.

Personalized Keyboard

Another reason why mechanical keyboard users replace their mechanical keyboard keys is to personalize their keyboards. One of the biggest advantages of a mechanical keyboard is that it allows its users to customize it.

Like artists reflect their creativity on canvas, mechanical keyboard users reveal their creative side by replacing the monotonous keys of a mechanical keyboard with colorful and unique keycaps.

Like pro-gamers, most people change the W, A, S, and D keys with different-colored keys, so they stand out from the rest. In contrast, other people go for a more subtle touch of individuality and replace just one key, like the escape key, for a bright colored key.

Can I Replace My Keyboard Keys with A Keyboard Key Puller?

Keyboard key pullers are for removing the keys on a mechanical keyboard. If you are using a mechanical keyboard, then the keyboard key puller is just for you. However, if you are using the more common rubber-dome keyboard, you might need a different tool to remove its keys.

Considering that you are indeed using a mechanical keyboard, you should use a key puller when you need to remove its keys. Keyboard key puller can help you remove your beloved keyboard’s keys without damaging their switches or scratching their legend.

After quickly removing all your keyboard’s keys, you can easily replace them with your favorite set of keys and enjoy typing or playing on a more personalized keyboard.

How to Use A Keyboard Key Puller to Replace Your Mechanical Keyboard Keys?

A keyboard key puller makes the whole process of removing and replacing a mechanical keyboard’s keys very straightforward. While some people opt for kitchen knives and car keys to remove their keyboard keys, all mechanical keyboard pros and manufacturers recommend using a key puller instead to ensure your key switches’ safety.

Here’s how you can replace your keyboard keys using a key puller for a mechanical keyboard:

  • Unplug

Unplugging the device is the most important step while you work on any electronic appliance. So, before removing the keys on your keyboard, make sure you have removed it from its port.

  • Remove All the Small Keys

After you have unplugged the keyboard, bring out your sword for this war, your keyboard key puller. You must remove all the small keys first and leave the bigger keys for the end. Place the keycap puller on the key you wish to remove, push it until the key puller’s tongs firmly hold the keys.

Then, while holding the keyboard down from one hand, pull the key out from the other and place it on the side. After you have removed all the smaller keys, it’s time for the big ones.

  • Remove the Big Keys

The bigger keys on a mechanical keyboard require special attention while removing them. However, we recommend that you don’t remove the bigger keys unless it is extremely important.

Place the keycap puller on the keys that you want to remove and push it in. Once in place, very gently pull the key out. Make sure you don’t snap the plastic supports beneath these keys.

  • Clean the Keyboard

After you have removed all the keys from your keyboard, you’ll see how dirty it was all along. Even if they seem clean on the outside, keyboards tend to accumulate dirt and grime on the inside. Therefore, it is important to clean the keyboard before rehabbing it with your brand-new keys.

You can clean your keyboard using a vacuum cleaner, a damp microfiber cloth, and a soft-bristle brush. If you are looking for a more comprehensive guide on cleaning your mechanical keyboard, check out our blog dedicated to cleaning a mechanical keyboard.

  • Replace the keys

Now, after you have removed all the keys and cleaned your keyboard, it’s time for you to put your new keys in their new home-your keyboard.

To replace the keys, start with the bigger keys first to have some space to work them on the keyboard properly. Then get to the smaller keys. Just align the keys with their stem and push them down slightly. Doing this, they will pop right in.

Now that you have replaced all your keys, you are all set to click away on your (almost) brand new mechanical keyboard!



A new mechanical keyboard is far more expensive than a keyboard key puller, which can help your mechanical keyboard live its long life while allowing you to remove and replace its keys easily.

Thus, it is better to invest in an inexpensive keyboard key puller than to destroy your beloved keyboard by removing its keys with car keys or knives. And thus, marking an upward of a $100 dent in your bank account.

Apart from saving your keyboard’s life during the key removal process, a keyboard key puller also speeds up the key removal process and help you easily replace your keyboard’s worn out keys with new keys. It also helps you customize your keyboard as per your taste by promptly removing (often) multiple keys at a time.

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