HRY-230: 12 in One Best mac docking station

By szlangpai01 / Dec 14, 2021

Perhaps for someone mac docking station is a luxury item, someone can no longer live without it. Docking stations made by Apple or other companies can significantly simplify both the process of charging a device and the process of integrating it with other devices.

mac docking station

And thanks to the prevalence of the iPod line and mac mobile smartphones, even premium cars such as Rolls-Royce have docking stations for them.

HRY-230: Best Mac Docking Station

The HRY-230 serves as a convenient and elegant dock for charging, syncing with your computer, and mac docking station. Thanks to interchangeable insert adapters, it works with all iPod and mac models with a dock connector. Thus, if you have several mac or iPods in the household, you can use the same dock to connect to a computer, music center or TV.

Included with it you can find an infrared Apple Remote that allows you to control music playback and viewing photos on your player or phone. Without getting up from the couch or armchair, you can switch music on any mobile device, select playlists, adjust the volume, etc.

I think you have seen small white things of an incomprehensible purpose in the kit of any modern mac or iPod? This is exactly the dock adapter that is useful to make so many different devices compatible with the same mac docking station.

 What is its estimated price?

All is well, but the price of $ 45 in America is not at all happy. Plus the white dock comes with a white remote. Although, it is not cool, since new, more practical and convenient aluminum Remote controls are available since October.

What do you know about homemade docking stations?

Of course, why buy a docking station when you can make one yourself? Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks of this, because in the network there was a very large number of home-made docks and all kinds of stands, moreover, very good ones.

In the first place, I put the mac docking station, which at the moment “lives” on my desk and please the eye. It is quite simple to do it, but there is one drawback in the design – with frequent use. Moreover, there is no need to attach the cable anywhere, while the chance of breaking it sharply increases at the base of the plug.

How to setup dock?

To make the dock, you need to stock up on cardboard more tightly, a sharp paper knife and a flat surface on which you can cut. Moreover, you can consider without fear to get scold from your family or colleagues for damaged polishing later. The pattern and assembly video can be found on the same website.

There is still a packing box from the mac – great. It can make a great mac docking station. You can also use old CDs, a plastic box from an iPod touch or a joystick from an 8-bit Dendy set-top box

Lego lovers can try to assemble their own unique dock for mac, as in this video. If you have any rotating parts, then it is you can do.

What are the homemade coasters?

If none of the above options suit you, then you can try to make a simple stand on which the device will simply stand in a vertical or horizontal position. The simplest solution is to use an old cassette box as a stand. See for yourself – it is convenient, only now there is nowhere to insert the wire.

Also, we can cool coasters from a paper cup and several sheets of thick cardboard: the first and second options. In the video, a smiling Chinese man will show you how to make a mac stand out of a paper clip without mac docking station.

For this you just need to first unbend the paper clip into a straight piece of wire. Then bend it along the lines. More detailed instructions, as well as a PDF file with markup, need to download from a dedicated page on his blog.

Best-Budget 12 in 1 USB-C docking station

HRY-230 is the best docking station. Of the two binders well known to us, you can make a very budgetary option. Five pencils and four rubber bands – and you have a stylish accessory ready.

mac docking station 2021

We already had a dock from the mac packaging, and if you have not yet thrown away the plastic stand on which the phone was in the box, then you can use it.

The next two videos will show you how to make a stand out of an old credit card or an old cassette holder. And, finally, there are two completely exotic options: a holder made of a paper bag. It has given out on planes for the “suffering”, and a headphone suspension.

What people do not come up with so as not to pay money for mac docking station. Admit it, who liked what and who has already gone to make a docking station or stand for them?

HRY-230 3in1 Mag Safe Wireless Charging Station Dock

These are the best mac docking stations for those who want to comfortably charge their devices wirelessly. This accessory, which you can buy on our website, supports charging in different positions, at the same time being not only a wireless charger. But it is also a stand that allows you to use it comfortably in the process.

This is possible thanks to the Mag Safe-compatible holder, which allows you to hold devices on two main platforms, both vertically and horizontally. In this case, the smart watch will be located on the upper platform.


Even among the best docking stations for Mac, there is plenty to choose from, especially if you pay attention not to the simplest accessories, but to the most functional mac docking station, also with an adequate cost. And in this case, you need to find out the maximum about what you want to buy, and clearly understand what specific functionality you need.

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