8 Must Carry vava usb c hub Acessories in 2021?

By szlangpai01 / Oct 02, 2021

vava usb c hub
8 accessories to embrace USB Type-C technology

vava usb c hub technology was born and proved to be more prominent than previous USB standards. With a physical design of the same size as the micro-USB standard that is most commonly common for new smartphones and tablets today, USB-C technology also allows for reversible plug orientation. Users don’t need to worry about reverse plugging.

 vava usb c hub data transfer speed

USB-C has transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps, twice the capacity of today’s USB 3.0 standard. Furthermore, USB-C provides a much higher power level, up to 20V and 5A, compared to the previous vava usb c hub 5V and 1.8A.

Which technology is common in vava usb c hub?

So it’s not surprising that USB-C plug technology can be common not only to connect various future devices such as external storage drives, monitors, printers, cameras. But It can even be common to charge other devices.

series of vava usb c hub equipped accessory devices

vava usb c hub equipped Hub

When using a variety of vava usb c hub devices simultaneously, a hub we require to help plug into a single USB port on the computer. And allow the connection extend to two or more different devices. If you need to connect a bunch of old USB devices to your laptop with a USB-C port, try one of the following hub products from Kensington or Macally. No need to use power outside of an AC adapter, both hubs deliver speeds of 5Gbps.

The hard drive requires external power via an AC adapter, so you can use it to charge your laptop, smartphone, or tablet via the USB-C port. According to the manufacturer, the product has a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps via the USB-C port.

LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive will offers for $210 for the 4TB version, while the 5TB and 8TB models have not yet revealed the price.

vava usb c hub Screen

Some users need to connect multiple monitors to work, such as photographers who need to edit photos or designers and filmmakers. However, if you own a computer with a USB-C port, then look for a monitor with the corresponding port to take advantage of this technology.

The Asus MB169C+ mobile monitor model is considered one of the first screen products in the world to use this new vava usb c hub standard. With a size of 15.6 inches. The screen offers a FullHD resolution of 1,920×1,080 pixels, the USB-C port is capable of providing both power and image signals. Expected, the

product will start “on shelves” at the end of March 2016 for about 199 USD, comes with a protective case and functions as a dock for the monitor.

vava usb c hub 2021

vava usb c hub Monitor adapter

If you want to attach a new USB-C tablet, smartphone, or laptop to your existing display without spending a fortune, buy a USB-C display adapter.

Macally USB Type C to 4 Port USB-A Aluminum Hub ($30) features 4 USB 3.0 ports and has the same scratched aluminum exterior design as MacBook models. Meanwhile, the Kensington CH1000 USB-C 4-Port Hub model ($40) has a black plastic shell with 3 USB 3.0 ports and a vava usb c hub for newer devices.

The docking station of the laptop

The docking station makes working with a laptop a lot easier. When you get to the office, simply plug your laptop into the dock and instantly connect to your big monitor, keyboard, and any other peripherals. Technically, a docking station is not much different from a hub, but it supports many other types of ports.

The Minix Neo-C USB-C Multiport Adapter ($90) offers two USB 3.0 and one vava usb c hub Type-C port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and an SD and microSD card reader. In addition, you can choose one with a VGA port that supports 1080p resolution or one with an HDMI port with 4K resolution.

How does to works docking system?
By contrast, the HydraDock is a dock that supports 4K devices and features both HDMI and mini-DisplayPort ports. With a long stick design, you can place a dock on the back of your laptop to connect via 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB-C ports, plus a Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm audio port, and an SD card reader slot.

 vava usb c hub Adapter

If you have a bunch of old-fashioned USB cables, don’t throw them away but keep them to use with USB-C adapters. Of course, you won’t get the speed of the new USB-C standard, but at least you’ll have an extra cable handy when you need it.

The Kensington CA1000 USB-C to USB-A Adapter (13 USB rack) allows conversion from a vava usb c hub connector to a USB-A connector, supports charging currents up to 3A, and has data transfer speeds. data up to 5Gbps.

Meanwhile, Meenova USB Type-C to USB Type-A Female Adapter ($8) also supports USB 3.0 technology with 5Gbps speed. The product is quite compact and has 3 color options: gold, silver, or gray.

Cable is necessary for high speed

Of course, if you want to take advantage of the high speed of the USB-C standard, you must at least have a USB-C cable. Both Monoprice USB 3.1 USB-C Male to USB-C Male Cable products ($25) and Scosche StrikeLine USB-C ($30) are standard lengths of 1 meter, supporting speeds up to 10Gbps. Besides, the Schsche cable model is also capable of being common to charge USB devices.

More Compact USB storage drive

When USB-C technology was born, manufacturers of USB storage products certainly had to research and develop to take advantage of the high-speed transfer capabilities. The two storage drive models from SanDisk and Emtec below are also distinguished by their equipped with two different types of ports.

The Emtec Duo vava usb c hub is relatively more compact than the SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type-C product ($24 for the 32GB version).

External Hard Drive best option for tech people

LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive is not the only external hard drive model equipped with a new USB-C port today. But with a luxurious and durable aluminum shell design, this is an option for tech people.

The device has a built-in USB-C port (cable included) and also provides an adapter to convert from a USB-C to a USB 3.0 connector for older computers.


vava usb c hub Provides faster data transfers and better security than most Wi-Fi / wireless connections;
Ideal solution for replacing a failed network card or upgrading the bandwidth of an older computer.

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