Should I buy hootoo usb c hub in 2021? Best Guide

By szlangpai01 / Oct 02, 2021

What is USB Type C?

hootoo usb c hub

Hootoo usb c hub is one of the popular digital device input types today and it is expected to become a widely adopted connection standard in the future. However, not everyone knows what USB C hub is? In today’s article, we will introduce you to better understand this type of communication port and can easily distinguish them from other types of communication ports.

  1. What is USB hub C?
  2. Distinguish USB type C from old USB types
  3. Pros and cons of USB type C
  4. Should I use USB c hub or not?

What are the specifications of hootoo usb c hub?

Hootoo usb c hub is a type of flash drive using USB type C port, a connection improved from USB type A and type B. It has high data transfer speed and compatibility with previous USB types. Thanks to the 2-headed symmetrical design, users can plug in the device at will without having to consider whether they have plugged in the correct direction or not.

Is it easy to operate hootoo usb c hub?

This makes the use of digital devices connected via USB more convenient and reduces the risk of damaged pins. Even Apple, a “big man” in the digital device manufacturing industry, has accepted to sacrifice the ideas of MacSafe magnetic charging ports, Thunderbolt ports to integrate them into a single USB type C slot.

What are the different hootoo usb c hub standards?

Users should distinguish clearly to avoid confusion. The hootoo usb c hub protocol is mainly common to determine how fast or slow data rights can be. USB 3.0 type C, USB 3.1 type C are the most popular USB type C formats today with very high speeds, usually from 1250MB/s to 2500MB/s.

Distinguish USB type C from old USB types

There are 3 popular types of USB on the market today: USB type C, USB type B and USB type A. How can we distinguish USB type C from older USB types?

USB type A:  The USB type a port is the most common type, appearing most on personal computers today. USB type A has 2 types of connections including plugs (type – A Male) and sockets (type – A Female).

Sockets are common on computers, laptops, game consoles, media players… USB type A has many standards (the most common are standard 2.0, 3.0 with different transfer rates), however.

They are compatible on the same socket type. If you want to know how to distinguish these two standards, try to check on any laptop, if the plastic piece in the black USB type A jack is standard 2.0 and the blue plastic inside the USB socket is standard 3.0. .

Which is the fastest usb c hub model?

The 3.0 standard has a much faster data transfer rate than the old standard. Computer devices such as mouse, keyboard or router can also connect to the computer via hootoo usb c hub. USB type – A has a few other forms such as Mini type – A and Micro type – A. However, very few devices use this design.

USB Type A and Type B ports

USB type B:  USB type – B is the plug that connects to peripheral devices such as printers, external hard drives or phones. They are called type – B Male, corresponding to the port on the peripheral device (type – B Female).

USB type C:  The USB type C port is roughly the same size as USB type B (8.4mm x 2.6mm). The USB type C cable has the same two ends, which is more convenient to use because it allows plugging and switching easily and without fear of being plugged in.

Most devices today using the USB 3.1 standard have a USB type C design. Apple’s MacBook is an outstanding product that has successfully applied “all-in-one” technology with only 1 USB type port. C is for both peripherals and charging ports.

What is a USB c hub charging port?

USB type C port has compact size


Compact size:  The hole size of the hootoo usb c hub is very small, not only ensuring aesthetics but also making it easy for manufacturers to integrate on today’s ultra-thin devices.

Versatility and high data transfer rate:  In addition to charging and data transfer, USB type C also supports image transfer directly to the screen. This USB port also shows high versatility when it can replace all 5 popular ports today such as: HDMI, VGA, USB type A, Display Port, charging port.

The data transfer speed of hootoo usb c hub

The data transfer speed of USB type C also shows much more efficiency than older USB types when it can be up to 10 GBps. This is twice the 3.0 standard and equivalent to the Thunderbolt standard.

Fast charging capability:  Hootoo usb c hub supports up to 100W of power transmission, so it can be compatible with many devices such as laptops, tablets… not just phones. Therefore, most devices when charging with USB type C will have faster speeds.

Convenient and easy connection:  Surely all of us have once encountered a situation where we had to struggle to plug in the USB but it didn’t fit because it plugged in, right? With USB type C, there will be no such situation due to the same two-headed design, so you can plug it in any way, very fast and convenient.
hootoo usb c hub 2021

Cons of USB C Hub

Although there are quite a few outstanding advantages, but because USB type C is a new product, it cannot avoid a few disadvantages such as:

Not really popular: Because this connection standard has only appeared in the last few years, it is not really popular with the majority of technology users. However, the current trend shows that new production devices are gradually equipped with a USB type C connector, so it will be an inevitable replacement for USB types A and B within 3 to 5 years again.

Should I use hootoo usb c hub or not

The answer is yes. Because this is in line with the future development trend of the technology world, when most modern devices today gear towards using hootoo usb c hub. It is gradually replacing other types of connections.

Traditional wired connection because it helps to thoroughly solve the inconveniences that users encounter when using other types of connections. However, it still takes time for the USB type C port to be universally integrated on devices like type a now. Then all connections only need a handy tiny cable.

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