Why Szlangpai dock station is better than microsoft docking station?

By szlangpai01 / Feb 03, 2022

Smartphones, laptops, tablets have become an integral part of our lives. We no longer notice how microsoft docking station with a bunch of useful functions in the blink of an eye are at hand, wherever we are: at home or at work, in the city or hundreds of kilometers from civilization.

microsoft docking station

Nevertheless, the modest dimensions of smartphones or tablets do not allow to fully demonstrating the excellent quality of:

  • Music
  • video and
  • data transfer

There are often no necessary connectors on the case. A useful addition to portable electronics in this case is the docking station. In the question of what a docking station is, and what exactly it intends for, we will understand a little lower.


  • What is a docking station
  • Dock Features
  • Dock compatibility with other devices
  • How to choose a docking station
  • We expand the functions of the laptop
  • Tablet docking stations

What is a docking station?

A microsoft docking station is a stationary device that allows you to expand the functionality of mobile equipment (phone, laptop). In particular, this device becomes an intermediary for connecting acoustics, printing and other peripheral devices. Moreover, after the gadget is connected to the docking station, together they make up a single media device.

Imagine the docking of spacecraft for further flight in the vastness of our universe. Furthermore, this is being done for longer orbital work.

Similarly, it increases the life support resources of spacecraft, and facilitating further flight and piloting. In a narrow sense, a docking station for devices does the same thing – it allows you to recharge your gadget and make it more functional.

Types of docking stations

Dock Features

Generally, the microsoft docking station has many functions from simple charging to complex programming.

The simplest and most popular option is charging. Moreover, more interesting models have several connectors for simultaneously connecting two or more rechargeable devices. Furthermore, food can be from a network or from the built-in accumulator block. There are 2 in 1 models.

The ability to charge from the battery is an indisputable plus. Hence, this makes the docking station suitable for mobile use (for example, in tourism).

Which is best microsoft docking station?

Some models of docking stations have built-in acoustics. Hence, it is simple option – only columns. Advanced – speakers and even a subwoofer. Such a device allows you to play music from your phone in decent quality. For musical gourmets, a station with separate speakers and a bass-reflex subwoofer is the best choice.

Portable device, including a laptop, is limited by the number of connectors in the design. If they are not enough for comfortable work, it is advisable to use a docking station – a compact device with an expanded set of necessary ports.

Lenovo is developing such “assistants” for laptops of universal and business lines. In addition, let’s talk about the purpose and main types of docking stations.

All in One: Assigning a Laptop Dock

A microsoft docking station is a stationary or portable design with connectors (adapters) designed for quick simultaneous connection of a power cable, drives, and accessories. Moreover, this greatly expands the capabilities of the laptop, which is used for work or creative projects.

If you can add a controller on an expansion board to a classic desktop computer, then laptop owners need to either somehow be content with the set of ports provided by the design, or connect a docking station.

microsoft docking station 2022

Its use provides the owner with all the necessary ports and connectors for connecting peripheral equipment. Similarly, the design usually has USB, analog and digital outputs for connecting monitors and speakers.

Many docking station models come with their own power supply. Furthermore, it allows you to recharge a connected laptop. You need to choose a suitable microsoft docking station, taking into account the features of the connection port. Moreover, this is easier to do if you take devices from the same manufacturer.

Szlangpai docking station

The key idea behind using szlangpai docking stations is simple: if a user has bought a thin mobile laptop with minimal connectivity (say, to work on the road), then he can increase the number of connectors with an additional device. The user connects the laptop to the docking station and gets a full-fledged workplace with an external monitor (or several), keyboard and mouse, network cable, office equipment.

You only need to connect peripherals to the docking station once, and then simply connect your laptop and immediately perform the necessary tasks.

The user saves several tens of seconds at a time, and hours of free time can run up in a year. There is no need to compromise between working comfort and mobility.

For example, a laptop with a screen diagonal of 17 inches may not be needed: it is easier to equip the workplace with a stationary monitor of the right size and purchase a lightweight miniature laptop. It is better to consider options for using docking stations using a real-life example.

Best Example to use microsoft docking station

Manager Anastasia spends a lot of time traveling. She has a compact laptop that is convenient to transport and use in the absence of a permanent workplace. At the end of the day, Anastasia arrives at the main office.

Moreover, on her desk is microsoft docking station with a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and network cables connected to the server and printer. By quickly turning on the device, it can work, transfer data to the server and print the necessary documents for signature.

To each his own: types of szlangpai docking stations

The presence, number and characteristics of connectors are the main criteria for choosing a docking station. Equipment is also classified according to compatibility with a specific line of Lenovo laptops. Conventionally, two categories are distinguished:

  1. Szlangpai docking stations: Designed for laptops equipped with USB 3.1 or USB Type-C ports. They connect quickly and easily, are compatible with operating systems of the Windows family and require pre-installation of drivers. Typical equipment: USB 3.1, USB Type-C, VGA, HDMI and LAN ports.

Example: Student Michael creates music for computer games. Coming home from class, Mikhail connects it to the docking station.

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