Popular types of Docking Station MacBook Pro

By szlangpai01 / May 27, 2022

Docking Station MacBook Pro
What is a laptop docking station?

Docking station MacBook pro is a peripheral device commonly known by the name ” Laptop docking station “. It is often placed under laptops, especially laptops that often get hot to take on the role of heat dissipation and cooling for the device.

Best Laptop Docking Station can greatly improve the comfort and convenience of using your laptop. They can quickly enhance your computer’s capabilities by adding more ports and allowing you to attach an external monitor and charge it at the same time.

Docking stations are especially beneficial for employees who work remotely (starts in a new window) and who increasingly work from home. These useful accessories, like the docking station MacBook pro (opens in a new tab), can turn your laptop into a feature-rich desktop replacement.

Since thin and light computers, such as MacBook’s, often have a limited number of ports, docks are really a great way to carry extra USB devices. This is why our roundup includes some of the best MacBook docking stations.

We will review all the best laptop docks in this guide, they will give you all you need to stay productive and make your laptop dependable. into a fully featured working machine.

Function of docking station MacBook pro

The docking station pro will help create a certain distance between the bottom of the laptop and the table. Therefore, the hot air in the laptop will easily dissipate, not absorb, making the laptop heat up.

Laptop cooling base helps to release the hot air of the machine. In addition, this base can also create a convection airflow to dissipate the hot heat from the laptop to the outside, regulating the amount of heat in the laptop in the best way.

With many unique functions and many benefits, it makes perfect sense to buy your laptop a docking station.

Popular types of docking station MacBook pro

On the market today, there are two popular types of heat sinks: active laptop docking stations and passive laptop docking stations.

Active laptop docking station

Most of the good quality laptop coolers on the market today are active heat sinks. This type of heatsink usually design with many holes located under the body where the hottest air of the laptop generates.

Active laptop cooling base with many holes placed under the body. Inside the base is equipped with 1 or more fans of different sizes, they use the main power from the laptop to rotate the propeller. As a result, cool air transmits and makes the laptop temperature drop significantly.

Passive laptop docking station

Docking station MacBook pro heatsinks are not so popular as active laptop coolers because they work mainly on organic salt compounds. The drawback of this type of base is that it is usually limited to a cooling time of about 6-8 hours and is easy to affect the laptop if used for too long.

Choose a heatsink designed to match the laptop screen

When you want to buy yourself a heatsink, the first thing you need to consider is their design. In particular, you need to pay attention to where the radiator fan locates, usually the two sides or a large fan placed in the center of the base.

You should choose bases that are larger than or equal to the size of the docking station MacBook pro. The base surface must design firmly, anti-slip to protect the safety of the machine. In addition, it recommends to choose thin and light soles that are easy to carry as well as convenient for all operations on the machine.

Pay attention to the material base of the laptop cooling base. The sole material is also very important that you need to consider carefully before buying. You should choose bases made of metal and alloy with high durability to ensure safety when using the laptop.

Should choose soles made of metal and alloy

Docking Station MacBook Pro 2022

If you want to reduce the weight for a lighter base, you can choose a high-quality plastic base that is both quality and easy to carry when needed.

The layout and number of fans are suitable for laptops. The location and number of fans equipped on the heatsink will be a decisive factor in the wind speed and cooling efficiency of the docking station MacBook pro. However, you should only choose fans with moderate capacity to avoid wasting power.

Choose the layout location and the number of fans to suit

The number of fans equipped will usually depend on different types of bases, usually 1 – 4 fans. Fans arranged in the right position will bring the most optimal cooling effect to the machine.

Spare USB connection port

Normally, current heat sinks need to connect to the laptop’s USB port to work. However, this will cause users to lose 1 USB port to connect to the heatsink. Therefore, you need to equip a docking station MacBook pro with USB connection standard to get its own power from the outside.

Rotational speed and noise of the radiator base

The rotation speed and noise of the heatsink will bother you a lot if you choose them by mistake. You should choose the soles with a rotation speed of about 1400 rpm, the most suitable noise level that you should choose is from 15 – 21dBA. With this rotation speed and noise, it is just right, suitable for your laptop to maximize its capacity.

Pay attention to the product warranty period. Warranty period is something that every user takes interest in when buying any item, including a docking station MacBook pro. You should choose soles with a warranty period of about 1-3 years, do not choose soles with a too low warranty period because often these types of soles will be of poor quality.

Selling price of laptop docking station

On the market today, there are many types of laptop coolers with different prices depending on the quality of the product.

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