What Possibilities Does USB Docking Station for Laptop offer?

By szlangpai01 / Apr 29, 2022

USB Docking Station for Laptop
Docking station – what is worth remembering?

Not every laptop has a USB docking station for laptop socket, so if you are going to use it – be sure to pay attention to it before buying it. Fortunately, most models already have them, and they are mostly business laptops designed for professional use.

It is also important that not every station will work with every computer. The situation is different in the case of port replicators – they adapt to almost all devices.

It is worth checking before buying whether the laptop equips with a hot plug function. Thanks to which it will not be necessary to shut down and hibernate the computer before connecting to the USB docking station for laptop. It is enough that there is a suitable socket on the back of its housing.

It should note that the docking stations can be very different from each other, even if released by the same manufacturer. The difference is mainly in the types of ports that a given model offers. It can be not only classic USB inputs, but also HDMI, Display Port or Thunderbolt connectors – thanks to them, it is even easier to connect individual devices.

What’s the difference between a docking station and a port replicator?

“USB docking station for laptop “and “port replicator” is terms that are often good synonymously. As it turns out, they mean a bit different, even though they are sometimes good to use interchangeably.

In the past, the main difference between the two types of devices was that docking stations could connect with special connectors, while port replicators connect via USB. While the docking stations could also charge the device, the replicators were not able to do so.

Today, the division is a bit blurry, and all because port replicators come with Thunderbolt 3, which uses a USB type C connector. It allows not only to expand the connector package, but also to charge the computer.

USB docking station for laptop are best for laptops

Docking stations are best for laptops, while port replicators are not and can connect to any computer, although it is worth browsing the list of models for which they intend. They also do not require a special connector that we need to attach the docking station. Increasingly, you can also find wireless replicators on the market that connect to a computer via WIGIG.

They do not even need connection to a laptop. However, the condition for using such a solution is the adaptation of the network card to this type of transmission.

Notebooks are by definition mobile devices, but are very often treated like desktop computers. Usually, we work on them at the desk, often connecting an external monitor, mouse and keyboard.

You also use your laptop in this way, but at the same time you regularly travel with it e.g. between home and office? Surely you have irritated by the necessity to unfasten cables more than once, right?

Did you know that this problem is easy to solve? All you need to do is invest in a docking station, which you can buy from our company. Check what it is and why it is worth having!

What is a USB docking station for laptop?

The mysterious sounding “docking station” is in fact nothing more than a set of additional ports for a laptop. This accessory, depending on the model, can come with a number of optional slots, including:

  • battery charging port,
  • additional USB connectors,
  • classic ethernet socket
  • port for connecting an external monitor, e.g. digital HDMI or analog VGA.

Docking stations have good design so that you can connect or disconnect a notebook with one move. If you decide to purchase such an attachment, you must first make sure that your equipment is easy to connect to it.

You need a dedicated socket, which only some mobile computers, mainly business ones, come with. Many post-lease laptops sold by our computer store have them. Remember that USB docking station for laptop manufacture for specific notebooks and compatible only with them.

What possibilities does this gadget give you?

USB Docking Station for Laptop 2022

The most important benefit of using such an adapter is increasing the comfort of using the notebook. If you connect various peripherals to your laptop, but at the same time travel a lot with it, constantly disconnecting and plugging in the plugs is a chore.

You set the docking station, for example, on a desk and have all computer accessories permanently attached to it. As soon as you need it, it is enough to “put” the computer on it, which takes literally a moment.

There are many more benefits of buying this USB docking station for laptop, which you will find in our post- because:

  • you get additional sockets that are missing from the notebook or not enough for your needs,
  • Moreover, you can conveniently use external hard drives, e.g. as data archives,
  • you reduce the risk of failure of the charging socket, which in many computers come by frequently connecting the charger.

Who needs a laptop docking station?

Are you wondering now whether you will need such a gadget for something? As specialists who have been running a computer shop with post-leasing laptops for years, we recommend it to people who travel a lot with a notebook.

If you use it like a desktop computer at home, you won’t have to disconnect all cables every time. The USB docking station for laptop will also be useful for people who connect various peripherals, including a monitor, external drives, a keyboard, a mouse or a printer.

What’s the difference between a docking station and a port replicator?

Finally, we must mention a few words about the so-called port replicators. When browsing the offers of computer stores in search of a docking station, you will often come across such devices. These terms are often – wrongly – combined with each other, which can be misleading.

As you already know, a docking station is an accessory designed for a specific laptop model. USB docking station for laptop shapes to fit it and equips with a unique communication interface. Port replicators overcome these limitations.

They are universal, usually connected to USB, so they work with the vast majority of notebooks. However, for this reason, they lack a charging socket and usually place next to computer equipment.

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