The Ultimate Guide to Surface Book Docking Station

By szlangpai01 / Mar 28, 2022

Firstly, from the maximum functionality to the minimum, but in the case of the surface book docking station, this is not a drawback, but an inevitable consequence of the format. We are talking about an ultra-portable minidock for charging smartphones.

Surface Book Docking Station

The dimensions of this model at 4.4x3x4.4 cm do not allow the use of the term “docking station” seriously. Indeed, the mini-dock beats all records with its diminutiveness. That does not prevent it from being optimally compatible with iPhone and iPod players. This compatibility gives him a well-thought-out fit and the presence of the Lightning interface.

What is surface book docking station?

The surface book docking stations is direct to the electrical outlet through the included adapter. It is not via the power cable, but directly through the USB socket. And in this position, a gadget for charging is installed on it.

An alternative connection option, it can also be the main one, is to the USB socket of the computer. It is due to the peculiarities of such a solution. In general, this is an original and very convenient solution, attractive for its ultra-portability combined with reliability and extreme ease of use. Miniature and inconspicuous outweigh the minimized functionality.

Szlangpai Docking station

Now let’s turn your attention to a simple, but interesting and insanely stylish solution for charging smart watches and Apple gadgets. Actually, the original attractive style is the “calling card” of devices. These are premium devices that can even emphasize the status of the owner, and are very expensive.

The manufacturer has released two very similar surface book docking station – for watches and for Apple smartphones / tablets – they can uses together. We emphasize once again – here we are not talking about a set, but about separate devices, each of which purchases separately.

Surface book docking station design

The first thing that catches your eye is the incredibly sophisticated and refined style of the devices. The design is minimalistic, strict forms, sharp corners, high-tech and futuristic in everything.

That one is surface book docking station that another will definitely become an adornment of any high-tech interior, or serve as a good contrast at the cyberpunk level for neoclassicism. There are separate modifications, the body of which is made, no less, of marble.

Best Docking Station ever

The surface book docking station is for smartphones and tablets provide a classic stand. It made for the spirit of the overall design of the model – strict forms, straight lines and sharp corners. The surface material is dark gray, velvety to the touch.

The dock for smart watches looks a little more interesting. There is a special cylindrical “hanger” for watches, and at the same time, the size of the strap can be any. The clock can be positioned as you like – on top or on the side, depending on personal ideas about convenience.

In this model, the manufacturer’s meticulous attention to detail is noticeable. The packaging is just as stylish, and in general, the device can be a good gift.

Nomad Base Station Hub 10W

Further in our review, we will consider a progressive, high-quality and universal solution for recharging smartphones. The surface book docking station is powerful, capable of recharging up to four gadgets at the same time. In addition, the model is of high build quality and materials. The use of leather in the decoration even makes it possible to attribute the Nomad Base Station Hub to premium equipment.

The main functional highlight of this model is the presence of two seats for installing smartphones for wireless charging. Two more gadgets can be wired via the USB 3.1 interface on the Type C socket.

How does a docking station work?

The principle of operation here is universal enough so that the model can be equally effectively uses for Apple gadgets or Android systems. The main thing is that the principle of fast charging in a smartphone should bases on the widespread Qi technology.

So, the surface book docking station itself will determine the current charge level separately for each smartphone. It flexibly adjusts the power for the fastest charging. Three induction coils allow you not to carefully calibrate the position of the smartphone on the stand. – in any case, contact will be guaranteed.

Features of surface book docking station

Separately, it is worth emphasizing the features of wired charging. So, the classic USB port provides 7.5 W of power. It is enough to quickly charge your smartphone. The second USB port on the Type C socket is more than twice as powerful – 18 watts.

This is already enough to charge the MacBook and other laptops with support for this method. The charging speed of the laptop, however, will leave much to be desired, but this is still an auxiliary function, and not the main one.

The base of the surface book docking station is only 1.5 cm thick and makes of durable aluminum alloy. There are different finishes, including “under the tree

Surface Book Docking Station 2022


And the review of the best docking stations according to Expert ology will complete by the simplest, but expectedly elegant solution from Apple itself. This is a mini dock for iPhone charging via Lightning interface. The functionality is extremely minimal, and the price at the same time is quite “apple”, but the opposite would be strange.

The surface book docking station is miniature – in width. It is almost equal to the width of the smartphone itself, in depth it almost coincides with the position of the highest point of the gadget installed at a slight angle. The centers of gravity are impeccably balanced, so that the outwardly seemingly airy structure is actually quite stable.

What can we do while charging?

In the process of charging, you can use your smartphone – receive hands-free calls, watch saved content. As well as, you can listen to music through headphones that can connect to the dock. itself – a standard 3.5 mm mini-jack audio output is provided.

The overall result for this model is traditional for many reviews of “apple” gadgets. There is no doubt about the impeccable quality of surface book docking station materials, careful assembly, and exquisite design.

Extremely limited functionality has long been the rule rather than the exception for Apple accessories and this cannot even consider a disadvantage. Nevertheless, for connoisseurs of the top premium segment, this is a good choice, and for true Apple fans, it has almost no alternative at all.

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