Mac docking station wholesale company: 5 Best Docking Stations to Buy

By szlangpai01 / Aug 11, 2021

What is a Docking station already?

USB-C docking station plugged into a MacBook

mac docking station wholesale company

Your mac docking station wholesale company should consider some of the most prominent features. We are going to discuss all this in following article. if you ignore the meaning of this word “Docking station ” because for a few years now Apple has only common USB-C for charging its laptops (MacBook Pro & MacBook Air) because those.

Here, added precisely to the Docking station not only boost the charging time of the computer but also so many other aspects such as connectivity by optimizing the bandwidth but also the interconnection of several other devices between them (USB key , Ethernet port, HDMI port ..).

Old USB cord for MacBook

The year 2020 will once again have marked a turning point of great sadness for the whole world. COVID 19 has swept away numbers of people, created a potential new economic crisis.

But in the process, mac docking station wholesale company has also contributed to the total burial of our old USB adapters, which in the age of telecommuting have been replaced by new and efficient stations charging, USB-C Docking station s.

Alternative for a Mac: dodocool MacBook Pro Docking station  

This USB-C docking station is designed specifically for recent portable Macs, those equipped with two ports on the left side. This therefore excludes the 12-inch MacBook and its single USB-C port. It occupies both ports, but contains one USB-C for powering the computer, three USB-A 3.0, an SD and microSD card reader, and a 4K @ 30Hz HDMI output.

The advantage is that it is held on the side of the Mac, rather than hanging down after a piece of cable, if you prefer that. The downside is that it has limits to current Macs, with no warranty for future models, and it would suffice for the gap between the two connectors on the machine to change for it to be no longer compatible.

Alternative for an iPad Pro: Satechi Pro Docking station Mobile

This small USB-C docking station does not come with a cable; it is easy to plug directly into the tablet. It adds a USB-A 3.0, an HDMI 4K @ 30Hz output and a jack, absent from the iPad Pro.

A really discreet solution, but limited to this use, except to invest in a USB-C male to female cable. Note that this mac docking station wholesale company could be compatible with other USB-C tablets.

Best sedentary USB-C docking station: Moshi Symbus Q USB-C

Moshi markets an original product, a sedentary USB-C docking station, which is intended to stay on your desk. And this doubles as an induction charger for all Qi-compatible devices, including recent iPhones.

We did not test the Symbus Q, but we had the opportunity to try its predecessor, without a Qi charger and therefore a bit expensive for what it offered.

What features symbus mac docking station provides?

At around 150 €, this mac docking station wholesale company is not cheap, but it is more interesting with its Qi charging function. Moshi obliges, it is also a quality product, which should not disappoint you.

The top comes with fabric, both for aesthetics and for practicality, to prevent the smartphone from slipping while charging. Good point also, the docking station will charge the iPhone at 7.5 W, the maximum in induction.

Its only USB-C cable is common to charge the Mac, but the charging is unfortunately has limit to 60W, which is too tight for a 15- or 16-inch MacBook Pro. On the other hand, we appreciate the LED on the front which serves as a charge indicator.

mac docking station wholesale company 2021

On the front, there are two easily accessible USB-A 3.1 ports, plus a Gigabit Ethernet socket and a 4K @ 30Hz HDMI output behind. One of the two front USB ports is also powerful enough to charge a tablet, in addition to the smartphone in Qi and the Mac in USB-C.

Thunderbolt 3 alternative: mac docking station wholesale company

We’re moving away from the world of USB-C docking station s, but if you’ve got a Thunderbolt 3-equipped Mac and want to get the most out of that connector, a TB3 docking station is an investment worth considering.

It is much more expensive, much bigger but also much more complete. Mac docking station wholesale company that we’ve been using at the editorial office for years is a great product, if you can save $ 250.

What features mac docking station provide?

Its cable provides up to 85 Watts, which will suffice for the whole range, with the exception of the 16-inch MacBook Pro which can draw up to 100 W. On the docking station, you will have two other Thunderbolt 3 ports, 3 USB-A 3.0, audio input and output, DisplayPort socket and Gigabit Ethernet.

One of the big advantages of these stations is that the video output can go up to 5K at 60 frames per second.

And if that still doesn’t suit you, Elgato is marketing a Pro model that sells for around $ 330 that adds an SD and microSD card reader as well as faster USB-C

Do you have a PC and more particularly a Mac? Are you struggling with your old charger which obviously does not allow you to optimize your working time? You’ve come to the right place.


Port Set of a Docking station s for MacBook

We have therefore sorted for you, in order to facilitate your decision-making, the best mac docking station wholesale company on the market in 2021.

Keep in mind that this selection mainly takes into account their autonomy (important criterion, especially if you continuously work on your PC) but also value for money. Without further ado, we present you in the first place of this selection.


Strong points

  • Perfect design for MacBooks
  • Beautiful finishes
  • A complete connector station

Weak points

  • No Ethernet port

Made especially for the latest MacBooks releases (with 2 USB-C ports on the sides), the Dodocool Docking station  plugs right next to the Mac to which it stays firmly attached unlike other devices in this ranking. It has an HDMi port supporting 4K, 3 USB-C ports (including one dedicated to charging), three USB-A 3.0 sockets, and an SD and microSD card reader.

Summary mac docking station wholesale company

This Dodocool is also mac docking station wholesale company compatible and has a power of 100W, which is more than enough for PCs such as MacBooks. It costs around 35 dollars on Amazon. It is the appropriate solution and moreover recommended to compensate for the disappearance of connectivity of recent MacBooks without failing the sleek design of Apple.

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