How to increase wirecutter usb c hub ports? DIY Guide 2021

By szlangpai01 / Jul 08, 2021

wirecutter usb c hub
Most modern homes have two or four doors. When the ports are 2, the situation becomes complicated, especially for those who use the computer very often. Fortunately, there is a way to increase the number of wirecutter usb c hub ports (yes, because 2.0 is now obsolete).

wirecutter usb c hub- Fixed and portable PCs

The simplest way is to increase the number of front USB ports on your desktop PC or the number of ports on your laptop is to buy a USB 3.0 hub.

USB hubs are also quite inexpensive and easy to use.

In addition, the Hubs are versatile and portable and being removable you can use them on more than one PC.

The hubs of now are extremely thin and compact; two of my favorites in my opinion are these models here

 Aukey usb 3.0 4 ports: wirecutter usb c hub

It makes you acquire 3 more ports than you have and is excellent for laptops having a very short cable

Cateck hub 4 aluminum Ports

It is more of a table version with a lot of support, very convenient if you want to have a more fixed hub. Also suitable for MAC

If you want even more wirecutter usb c hub ports, there is also the 7-port version, always table top.

Front panel 3.5

If you want more fixed USB ports on the back of the PC, fixed you can install a card with PCI 4 + 1 connection. Before buying it, however, make sure you have the port free and space to install it.

Otherwise you can opt for a front panel.

Raidsonic Icy 4 doors 3.0

Beware, that this panel has a USB 3.0 connection on the motherboard and two other extensions in the back of the case.

A wirecutter usb c hub is not a video card or a motherboard, its design is simple, like the components used. However, this does not mean that you should immediately buy the first model that catches your eye. In order to buy not junk, but a high-quality device for many years, you should familiarize yourself with the rating of the best USB hubs.

Selection criteria for wirecutter usb c hub

Consider what to focus on when choosing the right device. Varieties In general, there are two categories of hubs:

Household: Designed for personal use by one or more people. Such models are not designed to be connected to USB devices 50 times a day.

Industrial: They are used by a large number of users. This implies increased reliability, many wirecutter usb c hub  ports, and additional features.

There are household models that borrowed a lot from their industrial counterparts. For example, the presence of a port to which only electricity is supplied (moreover, not with a standard current of 500 mA, but 2 or 3 A), but no data transfer occurs. This is a great option for charging your phone. Most users do not even realize how diverse the functions can be in a USB hub. It is in this context that many industrial products are excellent choices for the computer enthusiast.

Interface of wirecutter usb c hub

The following options for the connection method are possible:

USB PCI. It is a rare type of devices that connect directly to the motherboard. Provides high-speed performance and sufficient power on every port, but not very convenient for most users.

Passive USB hub. The most common interface. The hub connects to an available USB port on your computer. It is convenient and simple, but if you need to connect many devices at once and so that they work at high speed, then a passive circuit is not the best choice.

wirecutter usb c hub 2021

Active USB hub. Connects not only to the existing USB port, but also to a 220 volt network for additional power. This allows many devices to be connected to the hub. They will receive a lot of current and will be able to run at the highest possible speed.

As for the wirecutter usb c hub interface itself, the choice is simple. If you need the most affordable device, and high data transfer rates are not a priority, then USB 2.0 will do. If you can spend 20-30% more, but get higher bandwidth and increased amperage on each port, then it is better to give preference to USB 3.0. Readers looking to be at the forefront of progress should choose USB 3.1.

We recommend to pay attention wirecutter usb c hub

The bandwidth of ports on a hub is determined by which interface it is connected to. If to USB 2.0, then USB 3.0 will not be available on the hub connectors.

If you connect at least one device that only supports USB 2.0 to a compatible hub connected to USB 3.0, then the speed on all ports of the hub will automatically decrease to the USB 2.0 level.

In many cases, you need to install drivers on your computer’s USB 3.0 connector to get the highest possible speed of 5 Gb / s. Otherwise, it will be detected by the operating system as USB 2.0.

 Design of wirecutter usb c hub

The most subjective criterion. For one person, a high-quality and expensive wirecutter usb c hub model in a minimalistic design will seem too boring, while another will be glad that his device is designed in the form of a child’s toy. The main thing is that the design does not impair the convenience of daily use.

Number of connectors

In this regard, it is necessary to proceed from the needs. In most cases, four ports are enough for everyone. Moreover, in such conditions, an 8-port USB hub will not provide tangible benefits, but it will take up extra space on your desktop or in your bag.


It is much more important that the distance between ports is greater. This will eliminate the possibility that one massive connected device will occupy an adjacent port. It is a constantly working modem or an external sound card, and then the available connectors will always be 2 less.

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