How to connect usb c ethernet adapter to your Macbook?

By szlangpai01 / Jul 09, 2021

usb c ethernet adapter
These days laptops and pcs come with the new USB-C connection. This offers a lot of benefits, but an usb c ethernet adapter also means that all old devices and gadgets that don’t have a USB-C connection can no longer be used without an adapter.

To help you understand how to better connect and sync your MacBooks / iMacs, we’ve created this blog post to help you! From HDMI to USB-C adapters and even gadgets that help you get the most out of your laptop, you’ll find it all here.

Connect your MacBook to a display with an HDMI adapter

In many offices, this is already the most normal: the use of 2 screens. Being able to use two monitors has several advantages and can boost your productivity, among other things. You can read the other benefits of using 2 screens below.

Advantages of using two screens with usb c ethernet adapter

More fluidity

It may sound very obvious, but it is an important factor. Because with 2 screens, of course, you have more workspace, which you can use without any problem. You can use several programs at the same time with usb c ethernet adapter, next to each other, on a single screen, but for more organization and better security, it is actually advisable to have an additional screen.

SB Supply Tip : Video conferencing just got easier with an additional screen! Use the screen with your webcam to view the conference, whether via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout or another platform, and the other screen to watch a presentation, notes or whatever!

More comfort with usb c ethernet adapter

Sadly, we all know it: You sit in front of your laptop for hours on end, whether it’s work, college, or even play, and it’s only when you really stretch the next time you realize what a bad position you were sitting in!

A second screen can also help with this problem, especially if you primarily work with a laptop. Often times you are sitting bent over in front of the laptop and if the laptop has a small screen your posture is even worse.

SB Supply Tip : Make sure your desk, office chair, keyboard, monitor, and everything you need to work is at the right height! A comfortable and quality armchair is also recommended. We recommend gaming chairs , which are designed to provide good posture and comfort even when sitting for hours.

Can I combine my MacBook / iMac with a monitor from another brand?

Yes, no problem ! Even if some Apple products do not allow you to combine them as you want, there is absolutely no problem in this case. Here, only one factor is important: the right adapter. To find the right adapter, keep reading!

What adapter do I need to connect my MacBook to an additional display? 

To connect your laptop to a display, you need usb c ethernet adapter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with every laptop, so you’ll most likely need an adapter. Choosing one or the other depends on your laptop.

The latest MacBooks are equipped with USB-C. To connect to an external adapter, you will need a USB-C adapter. Older models come with a Mini Display Port Thunderbolt, so you will need a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter for these devices.

usb c ethernet adapter to HDMI adapter 

In our catalog you will find various adapters that allow you to make this connection. They all have the same basic purpose: They allow a USB-C device, like a new MacBook, to be connected to an HDMI port. However, the different adapters differ in their additional features, which you can find in the respective product descriptions.

Discover all our USB-C adapters.

SB Supply advice:

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter 

This adapter allows you to make 3 individual connections. 1 connection with a USB-C port, 1 with USB-A and one with HDMI. Perfect if you want to connect not only an external display but also other devices. Check Out the Adapter Here!

usb c ethernet adapter 2021

The fastest possible Internet connection – Ethernet 

Do you no longer want to depend on your WLAN? In this case, you should consider usb c ethernet adapter. Connect your device directly with the Ethernet cable to create a stable, safe and fast internet connection. Especially in the home office, where you cannot work at the usual office speed, it is interesting to work with Ethernet!

Benefits of an Ethernet connection 

It is questionable whether an Ethernet connection at home is even necessary. But it’s especially useful at home, as Ethernet provides a secure and reliable connection, even in places where the Internet sometimes goes down. It also prevents hacker attacks that can occur over unprotected WLAN connections.

Discover our usb c ethernet adapter

Want to add two more displays to your MacBook or iMac? This is not a problem, as SB Supply offers a solution for this too. With the dual usb c ethernet adapter, you have the option to connect 2 external monitors to your laptop or desktop!

Get the most out of your laptop 

Of course, there is no need to expand the laptop with an external monitor. Just using a laptop, of course, has its advantages. To optimize the work with the laptop, we offer some practical accessories.

Laptop stand 

We recommend anyone who spends a lot of time on their laptop computer to invest in a laptop stand. This allows you to improve your posture while continuing to work easily. It is also perfect for combining the laptop with an external mouse or keyboard.

In our catalog you will find different supports for laptops, adapted to your model! Look at the laptop stands and find the right one for your home office, office or home!

External keyboard with usb c ethernet adapter

The fact that every laptop is equipped with a keyboard is of course very convenient. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for this keyboard. Missing the numeric keypad? Or do you prefer a slightly larger keyboard? In this case, you should invest in an external keyboard. Discover our keyboards.

Our recommendation: For those who don’t need a full keyboard, but lack the numeric keypad, a numeric keypad is particularly suitable. They are available in the following MacBook colors: space gray – white – gold


Even if you don’t need usb c ethernet adapter to connect to an external display, adapters can be very useful. We recommend that anyone with a laptop with a USB-C connection only equip USB-C adapters. Discover all our USB-C adapters.

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