Best Guide to use Aukey usb c hub for multitasking

By szlangpai01 / Oct 02, 2021

Aukey usb c hub

Standards for connecting computers to peripherals are numerous. However, the aukey usb c hub standard quickly appeared in all computers since it was developed due to its super low cost and simple connection, easy maintenance, and repair. Currently, we have 3 main standards: USB Hub A, USB Hub B, and USB Hub C.

Types of USB ports in actual use

USB 1.0 connection standard, this is the connection standard that was born in January 1996

  • The second generation was born in April 2000 with the name USB 2.0 connection standard, this is also the widely used connection standard today.
  • The 3rd generation is the USB 3.0 connection standard, it was released in November 2008
  • The last generation of connectivity is the new aukey USB c hubstandard announced around the end of 2013

USB HUB-A Structure

Type A is a large port USB with a square metal frame wrapped around a piece of plastic and containing the contacts. It is the head of this large type, and usually, a connection cable will have 2 types of USB heads.

How to work USB HUB-A?

Like this cable, its large end will be Type-A and the other end will be Type-B. That is, the end that we plug into the computer is Type-A and Type-B is the plug into your device. However, where it is plugged in does not determine whether it is Type-A, but we will usually refer to connectors with larger ports than Type-A.

Which devices connect with USB HUB-A?

USB Hub-A has a male and female end. The USB-A male end is the one located on the cable, aukey usb c hub or the transceiver of the wireless mouse, etc. It is plugged into the USB Hub-A female end, usually located on host devices such as Computers, TVs, Tubes, etc. charger,….


If USB Hub-A is usually used as the end of a connection cable to plug into a computer, then USB Hub-B is a USB port on the other end of the cable, used to connect to devices such as smartphones, drives. hardware, printer, MODEM, etc.

USB Hub-A is the type that stays the same after many generations, but Type-B is more diverse, which is a must to make them better compatible with the type of device they connect to.

USB Hub-B comes in 5 popular forms

Standard-B : This design was created from the version using the USB 1.1 standard and is still evolving to version 2.0. They are mainly used to connect large peripheral devices such as printers, scanners.

Mini USB (full is Mini-B USB): This is a type with an isosceles trapezoidal frame, commonly used in old phone and camera devices. aukey usb c hub is a simple structure but low transmission speed and is easy to lose legs after a period of use.

What is Micro Usb?

Micro USB (Micro-B USB): Smaller than Mini USB, their male end has amount to keep the connection more secure. aukey usb c hub is the design used on most mobile devices today.

Instructions on how to freeze USB to protect data most effectively. USB is an indispensable device in today’s technology era. Also because of its convenience and usefulness, many news hackers use it to spread a virus to computer users.

Moreover, one of the questions users are most concerned about is how to protect USB data not invaded by virus sabotage? So what to do to protect the most effective data for aukey usb c hub?

How to Protect aukey usb c hub?


In the previous article about security tips, I showed you how to use the password-protected USB feature in Windows 10. So that you can easily set a password to protect the USB without having to ask for help. With the help of a 3rd application, continue in this article, I will guide you on how to freeze USB to protect data most effectively.

Freeze USB for the most effective data protection

The NTFS Drive Protection tool will help protect removable storage devices connected via USB.  Such as aukey usb c hub, memory cards, phones, external hard drives from viruses, and other threats.

Let’s read our tips to learn how to freeze USB to protect data most effectively.

#1 Move the device to NTFS

To use this tool requires your device partition to be NTFS format, so the first thing you should do is convert your device to NTFS format, to convert to NTFS format without data loss, you can use the below method.

First, open the Command prompt window in Administrator mode by just typing “CMD” into the search box in the Start Menu, then you will see the results appear, right-click on CMD and select Run as Administrator. !
Aukey usb c hub 2021

On the Command prompt window, execute the following command to convert to NTFS format convert <drive letter>: /fs:ntfs Inside

<drive letter> is the name of the USB drive

For example, the USB drive is drive F, the command will be as follows: convert F: /fs:ntfs

How to freeze aukey iusb c hub for the most effective data protection?

#2 Configuring data protection

First visit this link to download the latest version of NTFS Drive Protection tool to your computer. After downloading, extract it now you will see the files, you just need to pay attention to those 2 files to be:

  • DriveProtect: For 32-bit versions of Windows
  • DriveProtectx64: For 64-bit versions of Windows

Then right-click the application and select Run as Administrator to launch the application. Moreover, you do not need to install because this is a portable application.

How to freeze USB for the most effective data protection 5

On the application interface, please make the following selection

  • Select the USB drive you need to protect.
  • You type any name then click the (+) sign to add a folder. This feature allows you to copy, delete data in this folder, press the (-) sign to remove the folder.
  • Click Start Protection to start the aukey usb c hubfreezing process.

That’s it, to check if the USB has been frozen or not, you just need to insert the USB. You will open the application, if you see the blue padlock icon it is freezing.


It is very simple to remove data protection mode on aukey usb c hub. you just need to select the device to remove and then click Stop Protection .

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